Custom Flash Nike Dunks!

So these guys arrived from China a couple of days. I ordered them from a highly suspect website (which actually is dead now) almost a month ago so I was wary about whether I would receive them or not but here we are and I’m really quite pleased with the results. 

Now these guys weren’t designed just for me they were actually a preset design on the site along with a hundred other pop culture related custom designs. I’m guessing this isn’t the most legal thing so they keep jumping from website to website to avoid legal issues. I’m also fairly sure that these are ‘bootlegs’ due to the uneven…everything. I don’t believe Nike would officially release something so shoddy. I guess it would maximize profitability to use facsimiles instead of the real thing. In any case, I really dig them and I’m glad I got mine. Too bad the site is closed though, I would definitely have ordered another pair. Oh well. 

The shoes came with one pair of white laces and fit great. This would be my second pair of Flash-related Nikes, the first being the special edition Flash Huaraches from a year or so ago. Not sure which ones are my favorite but I do like that the actual Flash emblem is on this particular pair of kicks. 

These guys join my official Flash Bapes, Flash Chucks, and Flash Keds! Still really odd to me that a hero based around running has so few shoe options. 

Thanks for reading,

-Flash Johnson

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