Another round of DC Collectibles New 52 Flash comparison pictures!

So last time we took a look at all of DC Direct’s traditional Barry Allen Flash releases in comparison with DC Collectibles newest Flash release. This time we take a look at some of the oddball Flash releases and some members of The Flash family. 

First up we have DC Direct’s Blue Lantern Flash from Blackest Night Series 6 from back in 2010. In my opinion this is one of the best Flash sculpts in a while despite the absence of any sculpted on accents. The sculpt otherwise is damn near perfect even featuring a fair amount of articulation over the more recent New 52 Flash. This Flash figure features articulation at the wrists and at the top of the boots. There is a small issue with paint apps on the left wrist lightning accent but for the most part excellent job on the paint applications. 

The next comparison was a DC Direct Con exclusive and is a complete repaint of the Blue Lantern Flash. This is not a problem as I mentioned that this is probably one of the best Flash sculpts in years. I was pretty bummed when they cancelled the release of this figure in the traditional Flash costume as part of the Justice League Heroes and Foes Series. The proportions are on point, the articulation is pretty solid, and the head sculpt is excellent. Not only that but the figure is actually painted a glossy pearl white as opposed to Mattel’s version of the White Lantern Flash where they used gray as the primary color. I guess Mattel’s version of the Flash should have added a bit of color-safe bleach to the laundry.  

Next we have a comparison with some of my favorite Flash action figures. First JLA Series 1 Wally West from way back in 2003. This figure remains my all-time favorite Wally West action figure and since the new figure and this one are so close as far as sculpt and costume I decided that it would be a good idea to post some pics. The figure features some excellent sculpted on accents with no bleeding whatsoever. The symbol is still painted on. The articulation for this figure is the same as the New 52 action figure except that Wally West’s neck has a better range of motion allowing for some really cool running poses despite the rest of the figure’s fairly limited articulation. The boots like every DC Direct Flash release has the thick classic tread associated with most artist’s rendition of the character. The only real gripe I have with the figure are the blue eyes. Wally has green eyes! Great figure nonetheless. Flash Fact: This is my second copy of this action figure. The first had a right arm that kept popping out of the socket whenever the arm was moved while posing. I finally replaced it when I found a decently priced loose one. The right leg also eventually broke on the first version. 

The next figure is from Teen Titans Series 2 from back in 2005, Kid Flash! Back around the time this figure was released the Teen Titans were experiencing a surge in popularity not seen since Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s fantastic stint on New Teen Titans back in the ’80s. Under the guidance of Geoff Johns and Mike McKone the book became a huge hit again. One of the more controversial things to come out of the revival was the transformation of Bart Allen from Impulse to the second Kid Flash. A lot of fans argued that the evolution went against everything that Bart represented and that Bart Allen would never wear the costume of Kid Flash. I, of course disagree and saw Bart’s embracing of the Kid Flash identity as something integral to the legacy that used to permeate the Flash franchise. I will agree that Bart lost a little of what made him his charming self but the Impulse identity (and costume) was fast becoming a little dated. But I digress I picked this suit because with the futuristic looking boots the lightning flared gloves and the overall slick look of the figure I think he fits in quite well with the New 52 Flash. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the New 52 Kid Flash design. I think the original was a classic and the soft update that Mike McKone did with the suit was in my opinion perfect. I especially loved the boots and was really annoyed when Ethan Van Sciver decided to simplify them. I dug the costume even more when future Bart Allen adapted it and updated it a bit to be a big boy costume (really wish we would have gotten a figure of this).

The last picture of this photoset is the former Flash Family with New 52 Barry. I know Kingdom Come Kid Flash II is not a part of the traditional continuity but they seriously need some more female representation of the Flash family in action figure form. Not to mention that this is an Alex Ross-inspired figure so it features that pre-posed look that every figure of his seems to have. Also don’t really get why the jacket is hanging off of her shoulder like that…maybe to show off the design underneath or to look “sexy”? Meh. The least they can do is turn that Jesse Quick statue into an actual action figure. Still I can’t be too ungrateful. DC Direct gave us quite a few members of the old Flash family. Scale-wise they all seem to fit in pretty well and none of the designs or sculpts look too outdated or out of place next to the more recent releases. A pretty impressive feat considering some of these figures were released more than ten years ago.

I’ve got a few odds and ends coming up and then we will be looking at something different.

Thanks for reading,

-Flash Johnson 

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