And now we are back to our program in progress. Next up are some Flash-related (among many others) Lego pieces by Legoman Levork.

In the first picture we have Weather Wizard, Deathstroke (One of the chief enemies of The New Teen Titans featuring Wally West), Captain Cold, and Professor Zoom aka The Reverse Flash.

In the second picture we have at the very end on the right, Heat Wave and The Top.

And in the very last picture we have James Jesse aka The Trickster at the end on the right as well.

Great likenesses.  


Thanks Gidjun, I got some of the pictures mixed up in the folder. Appreciate the correction.

-Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson

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    Huh, I’ve seen the first batch before, but never the others. These are adorable.
  7. gidjun said: These are actually the customs of Julian Fong, AKA Levork. You can find more of his stuff here:…
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